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Water Moisture and Recycling

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Whenever water or food is consumed, it should be able to be recycled later through urine/sweat/feces/etc. The reason why colonies are doomed is because for some reason water and matter is erased from existence when consumed by plants/duplicates. Algae Terrariums also seem to absorb water and destroy it without actually producing anything other than oxygen (there should be some kind of organic material produced as well, such as more algae which could be recycled back into water and compost). In general colonies should be producing an equal amount of organic waste and contaminated water, both of which could be recycled into clean water, proportionate to how much water is consumed by the colony.

Secondarily, there should be water moisture in addition to any gas, where some areas could be very humid or completely arid. This could both have an impact on temperature dynamics and stress levels. There could also be condensers and humidifiers to add/remove moisture from the environment.

Really, the limited resource for any colony should be energy. I don't see any consistent power source such as a star to collect energy from or a vast geothermal energy reserve, so colonies would eventually run out of energy lost through heat which means plants couldn't grow and oxygen would run out. This would warrant an entire new suggestion post though, as it would overload this one to talk about energy on top of water circulation.

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