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New Research Suggestion

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Since i assume research will become one of the most important parts of the game in the future, it would be interesting if your dups would have to do "something" to continue researching, perhaps have a biome spawn somewhere in the world that isnt too close, but also not too far away (perhaps about 1.5-2 screens away) that would have an item, your dups would have to bring them item back to be able to either contiune researching or to research a certain line of things, take whats inplace right now as with the basic research being teir 1, and the research that requires the second station being teir 2, perhapds exploration and the finding of this "something" is what allows more progress, since there isnt much in the way of needing to explore yet, this could add something thats worth going for, this also posses the threat of surviving the distance from your base, so things like oxygen tanks may also be needed for such adventures? How ever, im open for any changes of this idea of mine, but i feel like this could be an interesting way of contiuning research other than just doing the research for the next set of computers, heck, with a super computer, whos to say you cant just take any o'l object, and break it down for new research.

Anyway, if anyone actually read my ramblings, thank you!

tl;dr: travel to find an object of sorts to progress research.

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