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[Suggestion] on Sweeping

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So at the start of the game sweeping isnt to bad to manage and throw into a storage container, but later in the game you gotta dig and then do something else and so on. There is just a bunch of stuff lying around and if you have to go far to get something they leave it there and then just have to come back to it to get it. It would be great if maybe the dups could hold more? or have some type of auto vacuum. 

If they have more room to carry that would be really great. or have a resource area where once resourced it allows them to carry more?


If you went the vacuum way it could be like a wall vent the sucks up everything in its range and could travel thru pipes and go into storage. making storage even more useful. Or it could be a machine that vacuums and then the dups come around to empty it, like a roomba! 

Or there could be a wild creature thing and maybe you have to befriend it and maybe he/she cleans lol

Or just some other way. ha. Just something to help would be great. i cant be the only one who likes organization or at least just a clean area! 

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