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Stress is annoying

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so i figured out how to achieve sustainability and was making it more efficient when i leveled up one of my guys way to high. he decides my base isnt decorated enough for him so he trashes a key component to the machine and i didnt notice. i start freaking out going why do i not have any oxygen in my base look up and heres this guy just trashing everything. so i put him in a message chair and he gets out and trashes more things so i say ya now what your a little jerk and i put him in a pit to die. well he trashed the machine enough were i lost sustainability and everyone started dying. so while im raging i name this dupe something too inapropropreate to say on the fourms and guess what happens as soon as i rename him. GAME CRASH so i log back in to the game and its back to the beggining and im legit triggered rn.

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