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Suggestions to make it more FUN!

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So I tried the game out, and it is amazing! Well done! 

However, as this is only Alpha, many improvements can be made:

1. Water is a huge problem. It's simply too scarce and runs out too quickly. Solving this is NOT fun because I had to install so many different systems to conserve and create water. It's simply not fun.

2. Storage Compactors: I had about 20 compactors running after 20 cycles, simply because I like to keep things neat. Please allow for a 50 ton and a 100 ton variant after research.

3. Pipes and wiring: Wiring is done excellent in the game. You simply connect everything together and it can be done easily. Piping, on the other hand, feels extremely finicky and annoying. Especially when you're trying to juggle between outgoing and ingoing pipes. My suggestion here is to make 5 differently coloured pipes that use 5 different lay outs. This way it'll be a lot more fun & understandable to juggle between poputed water/air, hydrogen, etc...

4. Connecting wires and piping: Very hard to know exactly if you connected it right.

5. Deleting & prioritising: You can't seem to visually see if you prioritised deleting a certain block or item. 

6. Resources: Other than water, it would be nice to get more ways of collecting food. 



1. Ancient temples: contains resources, rare decoration, food and items that cannot be found elsewhere (for example, an Oxylite Lodestone that is 1 tile of permanent oxylite)

2. More different types of food and liquids: I'd love to see animals that can be farmed (a stationary slime that needs to be fed mush bars and produces edible slime, for example) and I'd love to see different liquids that aren't always water, such as Liquid oxygen or liquid slime that is edible. 

3. Reward exploration: Too much focus on surviving, whilst exploration is being put on the side bench. Often I was wondering what's in the edges, but you don't get to it because there are so many other things to be done.


Again, lovely game! But it really needs work!

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