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The Numbers Thread: Let's do science

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A big part of this game is numbers and ratios but a lot of useful information isn't directly visible in the game. I'd like to put these numbers out there, so I can reference them and so can you. If you think I'm wrong or want to add some stuff let me know and I will.

Seconds in a day: 600

Watt.seconds:Kj = 1000:1

This means 10 seconds on a 400 watt wheel gives 4000W.sec or 4Kj, so running on a treadmill will charge a battery 0.4kj every second, or it takes 100 seconds to full charge a medium battery, these numbers were confirmed with a level 0 tinkerer, I don't know if tinkering level effects charge speed at the moment, a simple test I just did suggests tinkering level does nothing. Would be useful to know exactly how many kj a treadmill dupe can produce in a day.

Dupe Oxygen Consumption: 0.1kg/s, 60kg/day

Biodistiller: 120W, Slime:Algae:Cwater 3:1:1

Algae Deoxidizer: 120W, Uses Algae 0.9kg/s (looks funny so I checked, it's actually 0.9),  Algae:Oxygen 3:2, Per dupe per day needs 100 seconds, 90kg of algae, 12kj of power. I don't think it wastes any algae when it runs while hitting "overpressured".

Electrolyzer: 120W, Water:Oxygen 10:8.8

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