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Captains log, cycle 148. LAVA!

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The boys have been hard at work digging the last few days. It seams the deeper we dig the hotter it gets. Around mid cycle Stinky comes running up to me screaming about some sort of stone he can't dig through. I scoffed at him but reluctantly set down my lice loaf and followed him. After what must have been an hour of climbing down cursed ladders through the most foul of gasses. I tell you, its not often Stinky smells good compared to, well, anything. Sure enough he shows me some stone he has named NEUTRONIUM. I have no idea where Stinky comes up with this stuff. Anyways, he shots his mining ray at it and ....nothing happens. Then he tells me to knell down. I damn near burned my knees on the stone! Stinky, no batting an eye just leans over and knocks on it. A hollow thud resounds back. Stinky tells me, with his now 100 cycles or so of experience that there is lava down there. How he knows, i haven't the foggiest but it sure is hot as hell down there. I guess next we must start digging up! Maybe we will find a way out that way!


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