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Feedback: Oxygen Overlay

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I've had several Duplicants die from suffocation. However, they were not stuck and were capable of going to the dark blue Breathable area. Though some did die from starvation.

I feel that maybe the AI for the Duplicants should be tightened up so they will go get air. I've had a case where a Duplicant got stuck and kept going back and forth in an area filled with contaminated air and carbon dioxide, but was fixed by manually commanding it to move. Perhaps that happened again but for several Duplicants at once and I didn't notice.

If this was not the case, I feel that it's strange for the area to be Breathable yet my Duplicants are struggling to breathe. I also noted that many of my Duplicants experienced interrupted sleep due to lack of oxygen, yet it was still in a Breathable area. The only time I seemed to not have interrupted sleep is when my Algae Deoxydizer was going, which leads to the algae unsustainablity that has been mentioned several times before. It makes it very challenging that Air Scrubbers removes carbon dioxide, but doesn't give Very Breathable air.

I may have misunderstood the Oxygen Overlay or it's a little deceiving what it suitable or not, so I suggest making it clearer or changing what is considered Breathable or not.

Hope this may help in developing the game. Excited to see how this game progresses.



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Regarding the sleep, I was having the problem until I spaced out the beds a little more. I have lamps between beds and it helped increase decor and simultaneously solved this problem for me. 

A couple differences I notice just about general gas flow: I tend to use groups of 2-3 gas-permeable tiles, where you seem to only have singles. I also do ladders up with corridors that are 3 wide (dupes have to jump to get off them) and don't really use doors. I'd say my base is uglier than yours because of this, but gas seems to disburse and move more freely.

Can't speak to the dying thing. I haven't had that happen (yet).

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