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Building Location & Mirror

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Adding the mirror ability to several buildings would make life easier for hooking up piping.

Pumps: should be able to be mirrored to change which side the connection is on which would allow for piping to be hidden in walls easier.

Lavatory/Showers: mirroring could potentially allow for more organized piping by switching the location of input & output.

It would be convenient to be able to place certain buildings on ceilings (walls?) instead of just the floors. Primarily I am thinking of Air Deodorizers as contaminated Oxygen tends to bunch up above Oxygen. (I often find that I build 1 tile floating near the ceiling with a deodorizer on it)


As a final side-note, being able to hide gas/liquid bridges within walls/ladders would be pretty awesome. (not a fan of seeing piping all over the place)


Loving the game so far! (cycle 120+)


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