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Looking for a Server Provider that can handle DST.

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Hi everyone.  I will be the first to admin that my computer is totally incapable of hosting DST: ANR....it can barely handle DST without caves, let alone with them.


That said, I've *tried* Citadel Servers, and while they are extremely helpful prior to sale *cough* they leave a lot to be desired after.  My server IS mod-heavy (I will also be the first to admit that).  However, with 7 people in it, the host (Citadel) was in the red and everyone was lagging out.  I'm not paying $70.00 a month for a server that cannot handle 7 people (all were in the same country).


Can anyone recommend a *solid* time-proven server hosting company who can handle DST ANR Beta *and* let me run all my mods?  The mods are solid mods (most of which are not mods that cause heavy drain).


Price isn't an issue...just looking for a reputable, capable host with decent support staff, even after they have your money.


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