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Gas re-balance- Morbs, Hydrogen generators

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I think I have broken the game in interesting ways so I will explain about how I can make rooms breathable or turn them into a vacuum.

Morbs- They release contaminated oxygen even in a vacuum and fill it with contaminated oxygen. This can be abused by killing a dupe(or dupes) in a room and farming Morbs for the contaminated oxygen. The contaminated oxygen can be pumped in to a room with an air deodorizer however this is optional.

Hydrogen Generators- They make all gasses disappear like a bottomless garbage can, a rather convenient way to dispose of the currently useless chlorine or just want to make your own vacuum pocket with an air pump into the generator.  This even works with removing CO2 so that stops being a problem. 

I think the the morbs need to consume oxygen to produce contaminated oxygen and have the hydrogen generator spit out any gas that isn't hydrogen in to the room.

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