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Graphics and RAM requirements

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The game itself is quite well "Casted", but it needs more work. I`m sure the gameplay will change, but what about Graphics and RAM requirements. Currently with 4 GB +/- 2 Page GB my memory is full (But it stays like that throughout the game). You could remove extremely detail measurement with grams counted in 1t tile (etc.) It really makes no use to know how much grams of algae will you get in 100kg of it.

What about graphics? Well, first of all the block graphics seem not too detailed but that is actually good, since this is a cartoony game. What is sucking up graphics is gas and liquid details. (Daym they are SWAG-y). I know that game is still in alpha and you might add an option for it but just reminding you XD.

Hope you`ll do good job. This is a nice game, even in early stages of it. Keep up that good work, and good luck :D

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