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Bio Distillers drop size

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ive been playing around with the game for a while and i keep hitting a very particular wall. as i build a slime treatment plant basically i end up with 3/4 or more of my workforce going to pick up 1kg of algae as they drop for the bio distillers every 4 seconds. now with one bio distillers I'm sure this wouldn't be an issue but as you get more of the you end up with a dupe running to pick up 1-5kg of algae and they run off but the moment the bio distillers drops another 1kg another dupe runs to pick it up. and you end up with 15-20 dupes running around with nothing but 1kg of algae My idea: if you could make it so the bio distillers only dropped the algae in 10-25kg increments it would greatly alleviate the associated congestion around them and one wouldnt end up with nothing else being done as there is no way to set the priority of the algae Deoxydizer and the dupes insist on filling the nearest one

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