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Feedback and Option/feature requests

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QOL / Feature
    Air/liquid pump intakes much like a vent but would act as an intake to add more options on plumbing configurations.
    Reduce the audio of the printing pod after a few seconds (it gets a bit annoying if you don't get a dupe or discard the dupe roll)
    Option to set the default task priority
    Option to pause the game when minimized|no longer in focus
    Option to mute audio when game is minimized
    Compressed gas tanks both large scale and man portable (gotta explore right?) and who would not want liqid hydrogen.
    Liquid storage tanks
    A new Larger storage Chest that could be unlocked. 

    The Destructive response stress seems to target only power systems. (attempting to kill everyone because life kinda ... ok really sucks is is a bit extreme how about letting them take out a research station or a bed that way every time they lash out it will feel more random. Having some options that seem less like attempted colony murder would be nice. 

    The Vomit stress response seems to generate quite a lot of water. It could be used as a water source and cleaned for later use. (i almost flooded an entire floor of a small base after letting it collect for a few cycles.) 

    Anecdotal -
        Issuing a lot of commands while the game is paused seems to induce large hangs and sometimes a crash. I would guess that it has to do with the ai attempting to grasp what of the 50+ new orders it needs to do. if this is the case it could be solved by having the dupe get frazzeled or confused for a few moments till it sorts out what orders to follow. Being more realistic, a bit funny, and allowing you to hide/control resource usage.
    Repeatable - 
        Though intermittent audio on lower spec devices tends to cut out when the game is minimized.

TLDR; More and specialized storage options would be nice, Destructive stress is a bit too focused on what they break and options for QOL. 

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