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Keys and Card Badges

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Looking for a possible simple answer to the idea about areas and district creation, why not simply give the possibility to give to each duplicant (in the jobs window) 1 key for simple pneumatic doors and 1 card for advanced automated doors? 

I agree with the fact that managing the access of quarters, little bases around the map, or even production areas it's almost a needed feature, but the idea of "painting" areas or putting virtual boundaries it's way out of the mood and the gameplay style in my opinion.

It could be simply added a status option on researchable doors where you can set the needed key "key A, key B, .." or the needed card "blue card, red card, ..." like 3 options, not too much. Then, in the jobs window, would appear a new column for each key/card and you can select to which duplicant give the key/card. 

This could open a interesting scenario where you could manage access using multiple combinations of doors to have way more different quarters within the "buildeverything" style of the game.

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