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For one I have played 67 hours of this game according to steam and I love this game soooo much. However there are many things that seem to limit my playing experience, most things have already been said from what I've seen but my first problem is a crashing bug were after I go to the main menu to restart the game I click new game and after about 30% of world generation it crashes immediately. It really doesn't mess up anything it's just a minor inconvenience because I just have to re open the program and click new game and it loads just fine. I would say 50% of the time this bug happens but so far it hasn't lead to any world corruption or anything harmful again just an inconvenience. My 2nd problem is that I spend about 10m just going through shuffling the first 3 people I start out with and I would like it if you could add in JUST FOR THE STARTING CHARACTERS a skills customizer. What I mean is like you have your list of skills like normal but u have pluses and minuses boxes next to each skill. I think that you should give a maximum of like 12 skill points with skills like digging, athlete, construction, tinkering, and cooking a value of one skill point and other things like learning, medicine, strength, and art a value of two skill points so that you can instead of spending lots of time on your perfect guys go in and choose what things you might want your colonists to have. And by the way I say 12 because it seems as though that is already the maximum skill level something can go to and I just wanted to let you guys keep the old 12 system just renovated a lot. One more thing is that I have had a bug twice now out of my like 7 worlds were when a skill level increases it starts like if the character's level of that skill was only one (both times it was the athlete skill and everything except the skill increase notification had the right level) I'm just wondering if whether or not it's a graphical error or the game views them now as a low level of certain traits. Sorry for the long message but I feel like this was definitely needed to be told to you amazing game developers and I hope this doesn't go unnoticed.

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