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Hello forum!

I am about to end some animation which will allow me to shoot with projectiles when i have no item in hand slot equipped. I added "animation" of how this action will look like but after i want to assign it to my rightclick the things goes weird. After loading into world i can't actually move and do any actions and when some birds/butterflyes/rabbit comes in my screen they got freeze animation after some time.

For adding function of using this action i used next code. Between ***begin and ***end code got stucked and i got that problem. Could you tell me what am i doing wrong? Screenshot of "freeze" included.

AddPrefabPostInit("wilson", function(inst)	
	inst:DoTaskInTime(0, function()		
		--there we have playeractionpicker instance
		local self = inst.components.playeractionpicker	
		--trying to assign action to right click
		self.rightclickoverride = function(inst, target, position)	
			local actions = {}			
			--we castingfire (our projectile) to target
			if target and target.replica.health and not (inst == target) then			
				table.insert(actions, CASTFIRE)			
			--returning sorted by priority actions
			return self:SortActionList(actions, target)		




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