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[Feedback] Votekick system fix?

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I've been into situation where there's 3 willow votekicker. Your votekick system main problem is 

There's 3 good player, and there's this 3 votekicker

The votekicker votekicks one person, then it goes 3agree/2disagree - Boom, the player is kicked cause he can't click disagree{???} OR when someone walks with W and accidentally press yes because the code registers W as a movement for the votekick bar.


And the rest of the player kicked because the votekicker party has more power -- over the flawed system.


Here's a suggestion if you DO fix this or when you DON'T fix this

If you do : you'd need to make some people immune to votekick, literally, like after 30-50 days, or just make it over 70%80% agree before the code kicks people

If you don't : kindly consider turning most of your official server down cause there's so many russian votekicker party on rampant making the server effectively a votekicking "party"


It seems this votekick system problem is already an issue from 2016 though, I'm quite confused as why nobody tried to fix it.

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