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It would be very useful to have the following:

- "Space suits" for toxic gases protection. The "space suits" require maintenance;

- Station to craft space suits, better weapons, better digging tools. The station has power requirement, and the materials required to craft and repair.

- IF better digging tools are implemented, then make some tiles harder to be digged or impossible without a better tier of tool.

- Air tank so we can explore far from home. Maintenance for air tanks.

- Air tank refill station: here duplicants can refill their air tanks. The station has power requirement and gas pipe for oxygen refill.

- Cart for transporting what we dig from far away from home.

- Rails for cart moving. It would be useful if we can build rails in front of some buildings, like air tank refill station, above ladders for different mine levels.

- In future as an high end tech teleportation pods. You can use them for duplicants.


Other suggestion when I have them. If some suggestions aren't well explained, tell me and I'll try to explain better.

Good luck with your work!

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Oxygen Suits would be good. Rails and carts would be very useful, too. I have some biodistiller a bit far from main base. Duplicants go to collect every time a kilogram of algea dropped and they return all the way to the base to put those to oxygen generators. So, they can't do their other jobs. An automatic rail system can solve or reduce problems like this. (If biodistillers would drop algea when they produced like 50 kg it also would ease the pain, in this case.)

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