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suggestions for workable co-op

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I think what you could do is make one colony, where it can be viewed by other people. A chat and a drawing tool so you can communicate what to work on. And seperate HUDs for each player. It'd be a collaborative effort and the chance to expand the spawned in world. A sort of "crumb" that'd show who did/is doing what. What they've planned, what they've marked, etc. You could make a game setting where the host has to finalize all final actions, or one where everyone can do what they want.

Co-op would be with someone you're friends with, etc. so you'd be able to agree on priorities, so I don't really think there's a need to switch that up. Unless there's a sort of mini rock paper scissors you can open up to do it.

I'm not exactly hype for co-op since I like to do things by myself. These were just suggestions since I saw co-op asking threads with replies saying it'd be difficult. Just spit balling here :~)

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