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A Greater Emphasis on Stress

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Although stress will definitely be worked on in future builds, I would like to see various mechanics surrounding duplicant stress.
Like productivity, for example. Stress correlates with productivity, having too little stress or too much stress will lead to nonproductive duplicants.

Having a stress sweet spot where the duplicant is stressed, but not in a destructive way could be an interesting thing to see. Too low stress leading to general laziness and lack of efficiency and a stress overload leading to vomiting or destruction, like the stuff that's already present in the game.

I've seen other suggestions about insanity caused by a stress overload, which got me thinking about mental illnesses as a response to stress overload for extended periods of time. Perhaps something micro like anxiety, or something dangerous to the whole colony like pyromania!

 Aggressive creatures that increase (and possibly decrease) stress are practically guaranteed, but I think it would be interesting to see a monster of some sort that fights using psychological attacks to mess with the duplicants. Maybe even. . . Mind control?!

I'm curious to see what Klei will do with the stress mechanic, although I have faith that whatever they'll do with it will be brutally fantastic.

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