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Large list of suggestions

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I've had ~10 hours gameplay so far, here's what I think needs changing.


Major issues:

Water leaks gradually dissapears, this is really frustrating as it's not replenishable and critical for survival (contaminated water doesn't seem to have this issue). After cycle 100 there's usually no water left which makes the game unplayable.

Contaminated Oxygen spreads way too fast to handle, even with filters and airlocks it's painful to handle.

Microbe Mushers are PAINFUL, clones keep replenishing contaminated water, when it can only take clean water.

Memory usage gradually increases over time, after a few hours 3-4GB ram usage forces me to restart the game.

Coal generators are broken, clones never provide coal to power them.


Minor issues:

When building say a pipe with requested material (obsydian) but there's none left, it should be built with other available material.

Bleach stone is too hard to find.

Filtration medium is unsuistainable. Currently forced to leave clones in contaminated oxygen.

Occupants still use air locks after they've been disabled.

Planter box makes food too slowly, needs manually replant after 3 harvests and lack of seeds.

If sand falls onto clone they are pushed up, sometimes into the roof.


Requested changes/additions:

Water purifier and Bio Distiller +30-40% production rate.

Air deodorizer (and such systems) need to suck the unclean air towards them rather than having to build many of them to cover the area.

Fans (use with Air deodorizer) to blow air towards a direction.

Large storage compactor, and storage compactor should not leak gasses when full.

New type of pump to transport contaminated oxygen into another area.

Printer Pod relocation (I'd really like to be able to move this as I relocate to new bases).

Liquid Pipes should randomly start leaking over time.

Outfit clone with gear, e.g. underwater suit, hazard suit. For example if they want to enter an area they must put on a suit, else no entry past a point.


Until this is resolved, how can the CELL PAINTER be accessed? (shown during the gameplay preview)


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> New type of pump to transport contaminated oxygen into another area.

Use an air filter. Filter out contaminated oxygen and vent it near your deodorizer.

> Fans

I concur, it would be nice to have a way to influence gasses without having to pump them to different locations.


> After cycle 100 there's usually no water left

Protip: stop using algae farms, they are literally ****. Use literally anything else.

> Filtration medium is unsuistainable

Definately would be nice to find some sort of filtration material outside of the starting biome, but that may be planned for later in alpha.


>Cell painter

: |

Obvious devtool is obviously a devtool?

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Cell painter - create blank text file in location "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\OxygenNotIncluded\OxygenNotIncluded_Data" called "debug_enable.txt", restart the game then press backspace to display it. I use to replenish dissapearing water which really frustrates me.

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