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Help With Art for Extended Character Mod


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So, I managed to make my character, it loads in the game without crashing which is great. I redrew the head and that seems to load in th game, but what doesn't load into the game is all the expressions I redrew for him. It is still using the Wolf girl's expressions. Currently they are all in a .png format now, but even when I converted them to .tex and kept the min the "faces" folder, deleting the .pngs, and recompiling it, it still showed the Wolf girl's expressions on my character's head!

I've tried a few things to fix it but none worked and this doesn't seem to be a topic I can find anywhere on Google. Am I doing something wrong? (Also, side question: Does the compiler ALWAYS have to run automatically when I start up the game? Because it does, even with no changes.)

Here's what's happening, and how it looks in spriter:




This is how it looks in spriter, with the correct face:


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