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A few ideas i think could improve the game

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Warning, i have only just started playing, some ideas may be in progress or is already in the game, let me know if it is!

1) Could you make it so plants produce oxygen? Algae is very annoying to collect, having another way to produce oxygen would be brilliant. Furthermore, the plant could take in Carbon dioxide, relieving the pressure of Algae

2) Maybe some better aliens? Having another food source in the game would be brilliant as food is also a massive pain to get. New aliens also means better gear and more tense situations

2, Part 2) In addition, having a "boss" fight in some parts of the world generation would be neat too! 

3) Include an end game? For example, once you have enough materials to build a rocket, and a special suit ect ect you can mine your way to the surface and escape the planet? This could mean you keep your characters only to crash into a new planet? Maybe the second planet has new lifeforms and new bosses?

Fyi, i do know this is an alpha, just thought a few suggestions might be helpfull :D

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