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Priority Tool Usage

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I suggest, for each selection tool (Mop, Sweep, Prioritize, etc) we could press the key binded to it again to change the priority level, so press G once, it'll be priority 5, press it again, it'll be 6. Everytime you change between them, press esc or just close the tool menu it'll reset all to 5.

Of course leaving the priority HUD, if you are clicking it already, you most likely don't mind selecting the priority, but it would be a nice QOL change.

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On 2/23/2017 at 11:46 AM, TheSpoopyGhost said:

I think that once you start using the priority tool, you should be able to click a number on your keyboard rather than needing to go to the bottom right of the screen to select a number.

I like this idea too, it seems like an intuitive option.

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