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Base Planner/Bluprints

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At the moment in the current state of the game when you place walls and machines it takes into account the resources you have in the base. Which means that you can only plan the base in small stages especially in the beginning when you have little to no materials. It would be very nice if you could put down plans as much as you like without there being a material check each time and stopping you once you run out of predicted sandstone etc.. for example ghost images that can been found in a game like Factorio. To further differentiate between a plan and a something you want your dupes to build there and then you could make the tiles blue for a visual aid to show what your planning to build and what you need to be built this moment.

P.S Am really loving the game and hope it has a bright future.

Sorry if this has been mentioned have searched the forum and could not find anything talking about planning or blueprints.

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