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Hydrogen overflow ?

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Hey guyz !

I was pretty confident in my base ( oh god ), and in 2/3 day, my base was nearly full of hydrogen. Like wtf ? For 30 day i didnt seen one bit of this gase, and boom. So i tried in a rush to pump it, I even tried to use it to make electricity but.. yeah, the pump doesnt work realy well. So yeah, any idea were this gase came from ? :'o

thanks ^^


( oh and another struggle of mine, How can u make oxygen is u run out of Algea, and your base is at ' max gas pressure ' ? would be appreciated if u have a tips or two :) )



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algea is just to tide you over until you get the machine that makes oxygen out of water

your base looks very neat and well organized. i like it :)

I feel I should warn you tho that the showers and toilet make some % of your water dissapear and not just convert all of it to contaminated water. its a bug

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Hydrogen can come from electrolyser, have you make one ? And your base are not full of hydrogen. (look pocket of hydrogent is pink not grey) Grey is low / empty of gaz, you don't have oxygen anymore. Don't use algae deoxyder if you can, is too algae greedy. Use electrolyser if you can.

Sorry for my bad english ^^.


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You should check the density of the hydrogen and the oxygen in your base, I suspect that it was always there(because of the electrolyzer) but something made the pressure of the oxygen drop near the top of your base causing the hydrogen to get room to expand. Generally the same reason you'd see the bottom part of your base suddenly get taken over by CO2.

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I too was surprised by the hydrogen once i started using water oxygen thingy (electrolyser?)

and it will always rise to the top of the base and get sucked up by your hydrogen pump

i would look into your hydrogen generator and check the plumbing and power on it to make sure its hooked up right

maybe rebuild it just to make sure.. once its working it will suck up a TON of hydrogen in a hurry... its not even balanced right now 

its just a machine to clean hydrogen away from the base at the moment lul

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1 hour ago, Tamedwilds said:

here is a picture of a concept for getting rid of hydrogen long term


you WILL have to set up something hasty to solve the IMMEDIATE problem

this is just an idea for you from what I came up with 


base top 2.22.2017.jpg


Very nice base layout!  I like how you approached funneling the hydrogen up to the pump.

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Ty all for your advices !! 

And nice base hahaha, the house shape is so cool !

Ok, so it seems that hydrogen come from the electrolyser.. next time, i will now >.< ( that remind me of dont starve haha.. You die, you learn, you die, you learn 8)

My only concern now is with the air pressur.. but i think... i didnt have any hydrogen until i build the CO2 cleaning machine.. -> when active, its sucked up the co2, and left place for oxygen from the electrolyser -> boom hydrogen. Meh.

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