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Is there a roadmap posted somewhere on the direction they want to take this? Not looking for dates or anything like that just mile stones and features. Specifically looking to see if they (you) plan on adding another antagonist - maybe body snatcher aliens, cultists, full on xenophobe aliens like .. alien or anything else aside from the environment? 

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  • More things that are sensitive to the effects of temperature
  • More tools to deal with temperature
  • Improved base sustainability
  • More ways to create sustainable systems for resources such as water, fertilizer, dirt etc.
  • Improved stress gameplay
  • More stress responses and behaviours for strung out Duplicants
  • More ways to reduce and prevent stress
  • New biomes and creatures
  • Buried Artifacts
  • Mysterious objects hidden in the world that may help or harm you

This list could change entirely once we see people playing the game. We could decide some of these things are no longer needed or that new things are more important, so please be aware that the list above is not set in stone. 

The game will receive periodic updates introducing more content. We do not have an expected content schedule at this time, but we expect the frequency to be about once every 4-6 weeks. Due to the systematic nature of the game, it is important that updates are substantial and reasonably balanced before entering the game.

from this post here

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