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My thoughts and feedback on this game

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First off, I'm really enjoying this early build so far.  I've got a game past 100 cycles.  There's already a lot to explore and mess with.

Secondly I'm gonna talk about the systems in this game.  There's a lot of systems here!  Here's what I liked:

I really like the fluid mechanics in this game.  It's fun to see everything scoot over each other and it's fun to figure out ways to make useful fluids (oxygen, water, etc.) get around the underground landscapes and go where you need.  It's clearly a big part of the game.

The digging's pretty fun, but the solid materials in this game get a lot less interesting when you mine them up.  As far as I've seen sand is the only material with any special mechanics (it falls straight down) and there's a few solids (oxylite, slime and bleach stone?) that sorta boil away into gases... but everything else just turns into a lump.  I think it might be interesting if digging about had a few more consequences/interactions in future builds.

I've seen a few critters bouncing around... but they're just sorta there.  There's other threads where people have figured out how to corral them into spaces and make them do a little work, but they don't seem like they add much at the moment.  I'm sure you guys have a lot of ideas for more space beasties, but consider making them a little more temperamental and unpredictable.  Make one of them able to climb vertical surfaces at night or make them eat unattended plants, as examples.

The stress/relief mechanics feel kinda halfway implemented?  There's a lot of objects and interactions that straight up say the lower stress... and they don't?  Guess those aren't done yet?  Also, is the massage table just a placeholder item?  It just feels like a free way to make stress values go down without spending resources. You guys might want to consider making it use electricity or splitting its function up into several other stress-relief furniture thinges.

I've got other ideas that i'll probably talk about later.  Anyone else got anything to say about the mechanics and systems in the game so far?

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