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My initial thoughts and suggestions

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First of all love the game, having a blast.

At the moment it seems you need to spent most of your time hunting water and slime mid game and this can be problematic due to random generation and unless you luck out with a map slowly kills you while you are battling removing hydrogen before it fills up your entire base.

  • It would be nice to get some excess water from the toilet since the character is using it (at the moment takes in the same amount as goes out).
  • Removing or doing something with player corpses when they die would be useful.
  • Being able to select "cancel actions" in the destruction tool would be a nice quality of life improvement.
  • Being able to run stairs through airlocks would be nice.
  • I feel the lockers fill up to easy and there is no punishment for not using them, could affect player speed but need to hold more I think.
  • I would also love to be able to upgrade or give my players some gear, like a jet pack so they could reach those pesky out of reach materials.
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