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Algae deoxidizer and priorities

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Once you have to start digging into the slime biome, i found the Algae Deoxidizer pretty useless.

Even if an Algae Deoxidizer is disabled, duplicants keep adding 1000g of algae from Bio Distillers over and over, and i find it a pretty annoying. So i just deconstruct them. :?


I was thinking, it might be useful if you could set the default priority of the tools at the bottom right of the screen, with Ctrl+click on a number for example.


And could you fix the priorities of the Planter Boxes please? They're not showing in the F8 mode.


I'm really enjoying the game so far, it's an amazing work! :D

My friends and i played a lot on DST, and we really had fun! So thanks to the team and keep up the good work! ;)

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