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Custom Worldgen Map - Lots of Resources

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I've been messing with the world gen .yaml's. Uploaded a map with loads of coal, sand, and contaminated water, for anyone who wants to try this one out.

It's pretty easy and self explanatory to tinker with world gen.

StreamingAssets > worldgen > biomeTables / features folders. Raise, lower or replace values.

Just remember to backup the originals before you get started!


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Have you found any way to increase the size of the starting blob? Or make that biome reappear?

Tho I've heard starting polygon sizes are handled by the code itself.


Downloading and having a look at it.

Not to be a downer, but I think making a tutorial on how to achieve those things is less iffy in terms of NDA/Eula than putting up the yaml files.

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starting blob as in the sedimentary biome? or the area with the portal lunchbox and oxylite?

making that same biome reappear could be achieved by adding another biome into the list with which ever features youre looking for.

i honestly only spent like 15 mins messing with worldgen, i was originally looking for a way to alter the randomized dupe selection to get better stats for testing. i just figured id share the save file

i didnt upload any yamls, just the sav, not even sure if thats the only file you need to load someone elses game

i very highly doubt klei would have an eula dispute with all the love they show the modding community for ds

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I spent a lot more time in there it's mostly suahelian chinese russian to me

If you want better stats for testing go open the save in your notepad++ of your choice (cough) and use the hex viewer plugin

the skill names are readable and the skill amount goes 00 00 00 00 < that amount of zeros behind the name

if your dupe has any experience those fields with have data

putting skills over 0a (10) is a sure fire way to get a stress clusterfuck


the sedimentary biome I mean

i managed to change weights for resources for that (I also managed to **** up the fractal generator to not create caves but pretty bad noise instead)

When I tried to add sand to a certain biome it crashed (tho it might be that yaml doesn't like empty spaces and I left one in front of the added things)


oh I thought that would be a weirdly named zipfile, I'll have a look at it once my colony dies


I generally agree on the modding sentiment

but I was told so by a very prominent modder of all of their games who also made early version tools for them (the only ones) and so I will try to make tutorials instead of posting their code content and stuff

a savegame is surely a bit different

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