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Designated Areas

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ONI is a lot of fun and shows great promise! Apologies if this has been discussed or indicated previously.

I hope Klei will consider adding 'Designated Areas' to the game. To designate an area a player would paint the desired squares, select the duplicants the area applies to and set the semantics for the area. If player's could designate and assign duplicants to work areas, maintenance (e.g. farming, refueling) and development (e.g. building at remote sites, digging) could be split between different staff increasing efficiency! Unhealthy areas could be marked as to-be-avoided or even restricted to keep foolish duplicants from splashing around in the septic tank to grab something they can find elsewhere or resting in contaminated hallways.

I think such a system could reduce a lot of the frustration in trying to control and manage larger duplicant colonies.

Thanks. Good luck!

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