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teleporter idea

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I had an idea that could help diversify how duplicates(or duplo's) as I call them:

A teleporter would greatly help with traveling langer distances:
-Teleporter is a constructed asset
-consumes power while in standby, but more power while teleporting
  -traveling with an item might take even more power than without but thats a balancing detail i'd say
-Extends the current pathfinding algorithm, every duplo can enter and exit on another teleporter
-A recharge for the teleporter is neccesary, to prevent everybody constantly traveling with it
-Tasks with higher priority get priority for traveling than lower prio tasks

I feel this could help speed up and difersify the game a bit, its a minor detail that can be extended easily to further create more interesting gameplay.
We could think about (skill or perk) mutation happening when traveling too much, or enemies using it to wreck havoc on the colony.

feel free to contribute/comment of course! :)

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I'd call it a Dupeporter. "It's like a Teleporter "like", the Dupe that enters the porter is kill and replaced with a copy of itself on the other end as if nothing ever happened."

-Allows you to reach locations from afar to dig/construct as needed but you are unable to carry any items through the Dupeporter.

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