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Feedback after first session

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Since I clearly don't know how to manage my time, I played 8 hours straight after purchasing this game, my feedback is as follows;


>Setting it so that you set priorities for each type of job (construction, tinkering, digging, etc...) would be more efficient than setting it for each task to be done

>If not the above, I suggest at least saving priorities or setting hotkeys for them. It is tedious to have to click the boxes for them.

>(Potential bug) You can not use the priority drag-to-edit box on plant harvesting (at least when I tried it)


>Having the mental breakdown even absolutely needs to have a catharsis effect that temporarily reduces stress. It is impossible to reduce it when they constantly smash up your equipment, leading to a difficult spiral of power outages and suffocation.


>I can't exactly pinpoint what I don't like about the research system, but it could use some refining.


>Currently, the stats on them do not mean much, though this does lead to a sense of expendability (so it's not too frustrating if they die) 


>Currently, there's not much utility in the cooking station, nor is there much variety in the types of food.

>Might be a tad controversial, but adding in cannibalism wouldn't be a bad addition (or maybe I've been playing too much Rimworld)

Misc feedback:

>Game tends to lag when opening priority menu after not too long

>Game tends to lag after 30 or so cycles in

>Having more than 6 dupes is practically unsustainable at this point in development

I can't mention much else that wasn't already touched upon in your roadmap, but your game definitely shows promise!

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