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some question. (showerbooth and pipes)

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Hi, im not English language user but have some question (or opinion).


1. Shower booth too easily interrupted and takes too long.

It take so many times of cycle because Duplicants cant done their showering.

and that means it waste resources(time to making electricity or deliver algae etc).

also booth seems not work with lowering stress.


2. why Pipes doesn't work with pressure, means why it always need pump?

cant work or flow from the top to the bottom through pipe itself?

this makes game much harder. and liquid/gas quantity of flow always shortage.


3.have you any plan that making water or algae? I'm just curiosity.

my colony always be messed at 30~40 cycle.

water and algae are precious resource, its ok.

but what next? what's there beyond toxic gas and slimy area.

can I makes water from humidity in air sometime? or farming Algae from human corpse? (joke)




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