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I think something important for getting on the game after the bugs are fixed is better progression. Right now it feels like the game just gets more unforgiving as the cycles go by but there's no reward for surviving. Since the game revolves around depleting resources I was thinking it would be great if there was some kind of refining and trading systems in the game. Dupes could sell off hand-crafted gold statues or weapons to buy water, some farm animals or advanced technology. It would make sense for the dupes to have been sent here not just randomly but for some bigger corporation's own benefit (mining resources.) There should also be something to give skilled high level dupes an extra edge so people want to train the dupes instead of not minding whether they live or die. Right now it's extremely hard to keep dupes comfortable and it uses depleting resources so their well-being becomes trivial. I would love to see the tech tree grow very large and complicated to make long lasting colonies more interesting. Oh and don't forget the auto-harvesting :p

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