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Feedback on water/gas mechanics

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The way the liquid seems to work have nothing to do with gravity (since the dupes can stay on surfaces and not float away) yet liquid seems to accumulate to only a block or two instead of pooling like real liquids do. I know that I know very, very little on the coding and formulas that they are using for the liquid mechanics and I am sure that they are working on this as well as the gas, since these are the main parts of game play. This is just my feedback. Hope this helps

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The gas is definitely a bit wonky. I just had a game where I was going to try to do a hydrogen burning generator. I dug underneath it and it ended up flowing down in to a cave relatively filled with CO2, into my base through a mechanized airlock down into the base filled with oxygen and CO2, and through to where my Dups were sleeping. It was... pretty weird 

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