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Just some ideas

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First off, I fricking love this game!

That aside, It needs more. I know it is a work in progress but i would just like to share my thoughts and ideas. personally, i find that at the start of my game, all there was to worry about was allgey (I forgot how to spell it). personally, I would like some other stuff to do with my dudes as all they do is mine the green stuff and research. What I love about dont starve is the massive amount of stuff in there that i barely use but there are endless possibilites to what I do. Some things I want:

~ Something to prepare for that works a bit like seasons in DS

~ An abundance of items (obviously) and much more to research

~ More food and plants with recipes for cool dishes

~ More weird Symptoms for the dupes (like narcolepsy and the one that farts(Because thats my faverouite aspect))

~ A more balanced approach to materials (I run out of allgey straight away but raw minerals are an absolute abundance)

~ Cool new rocks and gasses as well as more ways to combat them


Basically I want this to be a really hard game to last long on but to never get bored while lasting... If that makes sense



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