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UI resize issue+ options menu+default buttons

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  1. As I play on a television, I was very happy with the UI resizer (which should be included in more games), but when you put the size above +-130% on a resolution of 1360*768 the moment you start a game part of the UI falls outside of the screen, making the buttons to EMBARK or get BACK to the main screen unavailble. The same for part of the text and character cases are outside the sreen view.
  2. As there are no default assigned keys in the character choosing screen at the start of the game (ie. Enter and Escape), and if your buttons are outside the reach of your mouse, you are stuck and have to Alt+F4
  3. Same is for the fact that during the Character selection screen at the start, the options are not reachable, thus you are not able to resize the UI back to a format that fits on your screen.

Version CL#206776





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