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High memory used

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When i reach a certain time in game, like, cycle 30, i have the same issue, without open chrome, the game starts to lag, and consumes almost my entire memory (I HAVE 4GB). And i think it gets worst when i'm transporting gas/water. The game is supposed to consume that amount of memory??

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I've seen it reach 6GB in my PC (I have 16gb) after 20~30 cycles in game. There was some fps drop and I discovered that saving the game, quitting and loading it back made it better. Didn't check the difference in memory usage tho (after the reload), but the fps was good.

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Yeah, same here ! it sucks my rams like mad, sometimes it gets quite laggy when I set a lot of construction plans ingame. (I play games like fallout on this laptop with no problems, got a 4gb ram with a nvidia geforce 940m, i7)

My gf cant even run the game, it opens the ingame menu but when it starts (to pick the team) its just a blank image with the build code on top (I have to mention that skyrim works quite ok on that laptop)

I presume this will be settles asap when the oni team will re-arrange the priorities of ingame info generation thingy :]

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There are some random memory leaks, I had it use 8gb working set and ~12gb private (got a message about how my pc is ****** and windows wants me to quit the game) :(

just restart the game if it happens, tho this game uses considerable amounts of memory and due to what happens in the game it'll be hard to avoid

once optimized 8gb should be more than enough in most situations I think

but it'll always be a game that requires 64bit addresses and I doubt they'll make a 32bit version due to sheer impossibility

the problem is that there's just too much happening and it all needs to be kept track of

my 150 cycle game (dead end setting, everything is ******)

uses a lot of ram and I've uncovered quite a lot

There is a tool called Onionpatcher with which you can decrease the memory requirements if you set it to create a sharp assembly dll that will result in your game starting with a smaller map size.

I mainly use it because I prefer wide to tall maps and the map is tall by standard but it can also be used to reduce the necessary amount of information to keep track of.

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hello ..  well game still uses lots of memory, game starts with using 1-2 gb ram .. after 30 cycles it is using 5 gb ram... not sure but after 40 cycles it is using 7 gb of my 8 gb installed ram  AND ALSO uses around 10 gb PAGEFILE (max was 14 gb then windows closed the game)--also it was using 1,5 gb GPU ram ...

.. i was using MSI AFTERBURNER software to see the used ram and gpu (because of game getting slower after a time (espcially when looking for priorty map- or changing priorty etc game became very laggy)

..........i was playing game in full hd graphics ..... 8 gb ram - intel i5-4210m(laptop) - nvidia 2gb 840m - ........... ............ i did lower the page file to 5-6 gb, still do not know how the hell game used 10-15 gb PAGEFILE ...

by the way game is fantastic :) it is working fine (sometimes does some weird things but beside that things game seems not alpha :)  and of course ram usage should be fixed ..

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wow .. the fps dropped to ~10 after i order them to SWEAP every thing on map :) ( cycle was more then 120 i think) ..

did use hydrojen for electricty (it was useless.. quickly ended not worth to use it) .. coal generator and algeas next to it at the bottom of map is the best solution (also with at least 4 manuel jenerators of course) 

this game is hard .... way too hard .. comtemined water ends quicky with water prufier and not much water comes out ...  some values should be changed in this map .... 

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