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Dupe modifications?

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Curious: are there going to be some genetic modifications to change dupe life requirements? Examples:

  • Lungs to breath with toxic air (and as a drawback for example it gives the same penalties for pure oxygen);
  • Extended health/speed/resistance to toxins at the cost of extended air/food consumption (good for explorers);
  • Vice versa: less demanding┬ádupe at the cost of lesser efficiency (good for example for janitor dupe which don't move far from base);
  • Gills;
  • Reversed day/night cycle. For night shift;
  • Electric flesh to reduce power consumption of operating device (or raise output for generator). Good for self-defense, bad for walking in water;
  • Echolocation for seeing (you got me) through walls or in the dark;
  • Algae hybridization. Dupe works as small walking algae terrarium (provides less oxygen that dupe consumes, so not OP);
  • Fantasy goes on but guess it's enough for now;

As well we could have mechanical augmentations (which obviously require some electricity to be operational).

Of course this is a mid-late game options because they change game a lot. Also there should be some restrictions for multiple mods per dupe.

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