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FeedBack along with a few suggestions

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Hell and thank you for taking your time to read this. I really like this game so far with the whole concept of a colony in space relying on air to breath, food, and places to relive ones self :). One suggestion I have is when it comes to the storage buildings (mainly the rations box that you start with) Once I had enough materials I made the bigger rations box the 150 storage one and I could not transfer any of the stock that was in the rations box (20) to the new box. I destroyed the box although, it still had rations in it, but the food was no where to be seen. I even checked my duplicates to see if they were carrying it, again no dice there. So i guess my suggestion would be to maybe add a button on storage containers to allow us to transfer the remaining amount to a new storage bin of the same type (I.E if and when you guys make bigger storage for all other materials, food items, etc) Keep doing a great job Klei!! Thanks for an awesome game that we got a chance to buy early.

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