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Crafting Together.

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Crafting Together is an idea I had recently in which one player character can use another as a crafting station to create character specific items. The purpose of this would be to give players another reason to vary group composition. In the ideas below, the larger named character acts as a crafting station when approached by the smaller named characters.


Maxwell, The Puppet Master.

The unifying idea is that Maxwell uses the shadows to corrupt the other characters. He offers an upgrade to their personal abilities often at a high sanity cost.


Willow “Blacklighter” An upgrade to the lighter that makes it function as a Night Light. It had a larger light radius, would create no heat, and be fueled by sanity. [Item]


Wendy “Shadow flower” - Right clicking Abigail’s flower sends Abigail into a rage. Increases her attack power at a small cost to her health and a large cost to Wendy’s sanity. [Buff]


Woodie “Spreading the curse” - Attacking pigs, Mac Tusk, or other players (pvp only) while in werebeaver form gives them the curse. On the following full moon the affected will turn into highly destructive werebeavers who act as neutral towards Woody. [Buff]


WX “Truly soulless” - A craftable head attachment that removes WX’s sanity need entirely in exchange for doubling his hunger drain. While Soulless, WX will neither see nor be seen by shadows. [Item]


Wolfgang “Blackbelt”- A torso slot item that keeps Wolfgang in his strongest form regardless of hunger. Sanity drain while equipped. [Item]


Wickerbottom “The Shadow Solution” - A new craftable book. In exchange for draining her own sanity completely, Wickerbottom is surrounded by a positive aura that restores sanity to players in a medium radius around her. Any shadow monsters in this aura receive damage. [Item]


Wes “Neither seen, nor heard” - A torso slot item that turns the user invisible. Drains sanity while equipped. [Item]


Wigifrid “The Understudy.” - Grants Wigifrid a single use of Maxwell’s shadow clone ability. Wig’s clone can only act as a warrior. [Buff]


Webber “The Spider King”  - Webber can befriend Spider Queens. Limit one at a time. [Buff]


Woodie, The Lumberjack.

Woodie should lend his wilderness expertise to the others. Anything he helps them craft should avoid magic as best as possible, and help increase the speed of gathering.


Willow “Controlled burn.” - Putting logs into the crockpot yields charcoal. [Buff]


Wendy “Song of the forest.” - For a small sanity drain, Wendy can calm treeguards. [Buff]


Wolfgang “Timber!” - In his strongest form, Wolfgang can chop down trees without an axe. [Buff]


Wickerbottom “Basic Botany.” - Another new book. Causes tree stumps to begin growing new trees. [Item]


WX “Wood Chipper.” - An item that converts logs into twigs, and charcoal into ashes. [Item]


Wigifrid “Ironwood armor.”  - An advanced version of wooden armor. Should take rope, logs, and  some rocks. [Item]


Webber “Children of the forest.” Silk + Pine Cone = Webbed Tree. Functions as a Webbed Mushtree, a spawning place for spiders. Would also serve as a trap when approached by NPCS and non-Webber players. [Item]


Wes “Camouflage.” By jumping inside a hollowed out log, the player can hide from pursuing enemies. Does not work on treeguards. [Item]


Maxwell “Treeguard seeds.” - Pine Cone + Nightmarefuel - player’s health = baby treeguard. They should mature slower than regular trees, and stay close to their area. [Item]


Willow, The Firestarter.

Obviously, Willow’s additions to the group revolve around fire. As Willow is a pyromaniac, her focus is more on using fire as a weapon than as a light source.


Wendy “Flaming Phantasmagoria.” - Abigail now releases flame bursts in a small area around her. This adds to her attack power, but should be used with caution as it will ignite everything in the area of effect. [Buff]


Wolfgang “Flaming Fist.” - When unarmed, Wolfgang can ignite enemies. Can be used to light a campfire. [Buff]


Wickerbottom “¡Hace Calor!” - Another new book. Raises the temperature in a radius around the spot on which Wickerbottom cast the spell for one day. [Item]


Woodie “Smokey the Beaver.” - Pine Cone + Ash = fire retardant trees. Very useful against summer’s spontaneous combustions. [Item]


WX “Flame Propellant Attachment.” - A craftable arm attachment that throws fire in the direction WX is facing. It drains his hunger, as that would be his fuel. [Item]


Wigifrid “Superheated Spear.” - A spear with a chance to ignite enemies. [Item]


Webber “Fireball Spitter.” - Much like the spitter spiders found in caves, Webber can shoot a projectile. With Willow’s help, it’s a flaming projectile. [Buff]


Wes “Mini-hindenburgs” - Wes’ Balloonomancy + Willow’s pyrotechnics. Balloons explode with more force, igniting whatever set them off and the area around them. [Buff]


Maxwell “Dark Fire Staff.” - Exactly the fire staff, but without the chance of the fire spreading. “Dark Fire” is a burning sensation felt only in the mind of the affected. While it will still cause damage and induce panic, it doesn’t generate heat or burn nearby objects. [Item]


Wendy, The Bereaved.

Wendy’s expertise is death. She should be able to revive the very recently deceased with ease, as well as offer a few ways to prevent death.


Willow “Phoenix.” - Willow can revive from campfires and firepits. This action immediately extinguishes the fire. [Buff]


Wolfgang “Too Strong to Die.” - If, while in his strongest form, Wolfgang takes a fatal blow he will not die. If his health hits 0%, his hunger gauge will be immediately drained and Wolfgang will receive health equal to the fraction of hunger drained. Read: If hunger is at 98%, Wolfgang will be put to 98% health. [Buff]


Wickerbottom “A Thriller Novel.” Another new book. On use, loot is removed from any graves on screen. This can summon ghosts from their graves. [Item]


Woodie “The Beavereved.” - If another player dies in combat while Woodie is in combat, he is immediately transformed into werebeaver form. [Buff.]


WX “The Cloud.” - WX can revive by haunting gears of frazzled wires. [Buff]


Wigifrid “Encore!” If Wigifrid takes a fatal blow, she is immediately healed back to full health. Can only occur once each season. [Buff.]


Webber “Child of the hive.” - Webber can revive from a spider nest level two or above. This action knocks the spider nest down one level. [Buff]


Wes “Looner.” If Wes takes a fatal blow, any balloon he has active pops. If no balloons exist in the world, Wes dies on a fatal blow. [Buff.]


Maxwell “The Puppet is the Master.” - If Maxwell takes a fatal blow while a shadow puppet is active, the puppet is destroyed instead. [Buff.]


WX-78, The Soulless Automaton.

WX should be focused on automation in the base. Automatic firepits, more base defense options, alarm systems, etc.


Willow “A Self-starter.” - A firepit with item storage. Lights itself just before nightfall if there is adequate fuel in its inventory. [Item]


Wendy “Ectoplasmic Projectomatic.” - A base defense structure that uses nightmare fuel as ammunition. This turret ignores the target’s armor as it fires fear and devastation at your enemies. [Item]


Wolfgang “The one-two-stun.” - In his strongest form, Wolfgang can stun enemies when unarmed. [Buff]


Wickerbottom “D.I.Y. Robotics.” - Another new book. Upgrades any WX-78s or Clockwork Pawns on screen. [Item]


Woodie “Clear cutter.” - A device that automatically chops down trees in its area of effect. [Item]


Wigifrid “Electric spear.” - An upgraded spear with a chance to stun enemies. [Item]


Webber “Tripwire alarm.” - A piece of silk set between two structures that sets off an alarm when broken. [Item]


Wes “Shocking!” - An electric shockwave damages and stuns enemies in a small area around Wes when he is struck. Only occurs on the first hit of each combat session. [Buff]


Maxwell “Clockwork Pawns.” - Cheap to produce, but weak clockwork soldiers. Serves as a stationary guard, not a follower. Only eight may be crafted by one player. [Item]


Wes, The Silent.

Wes is frail by design, survival for Wes is based around avoiding fights. His crafting options help the group evade and delay battle. Ironically, a few of these involve characters making noise.


Willow “Flashbang.” - A grenade that stuns enemies or players caught in the explosion. [Item]


Wendy “Frightening Phantom.” - If Abigail takes a fatal blow, she lets out a loud scream that makes any nearby enemies panic. [Buff]


Wolfgang “Knockback Punch.” - When in his strongest form, Wolfgang can knock enemies back while unarmed. [Buff]


Wickerbottom “Lovecraftian Literature.” - A new book. On use, any NPCs on screen go into a panic and treat everything as hostile. Pigs can attack other pigs, spiders can attack other spiders, even rabbits can attack. [Item]


Woodie “Call of the Beast.” - In werebeaver form, Woodie can scream to make nearby enemies panic. [Buff]


WX “Static Electricity.” - For a small hunger drain, WX can charge Wes’ balloons with electricity. If two balloons are within a certain distance of one another, an electric current passes between them creating a tripwire that damages whatever interrupts the current. If the wire is tripped, all connected balloons popped. [Buff]


Wigifrid “Battle Cry.” -Wigifrid can scream, expending sanity, to make nearby enemies panic. [Buff.]


Webber “Silk Trap.” - Using silk, Webber shoots a grenade that leaves silk on the ground in the explosion area. The silk slows enemies and non-Webber players. If a giant is hit, they are wrapped up in webs and stunned until they take five hits. [Item]


Maxwell “Stalling Shadows.” - If a shadow puppet takes a fatal blow, the enemy that killed the puppet is stunned until hit. [Buff]


Wigifrid, The Performance Artist.

Wigifrid’s focus is on combat and hunting. She’ll help the group create better weapons, armor, and traps. Also should allow for quicker stalking of beasts.


Willow “Fighting the Darkness.” - An upgraded version of Bernie. Bernie will now be able to damage the shadow monsters as well as lure them. [Item]


Wendy “Shielded Spook.” - An armor upgrade for Abigail. Reduces her attack power, in exchange for increasing her longevity. [Buff]


Wolfgang “The Strong get Stronger.” - Wolfgang’s attack power is increased dramatically when equipped with a spear. [Buff]


Wickerbottom “Calls of the Wild.” - Another new book. On use, summons two Koalefants. [Item]


Woodie “Who’s that beast?” - When tracking an animal, Woodie will be able to identify which animal he’s chasing. At the last track Woodie will announce which beast he’s found. [Item]


WX “Exterminate.” - A torso attachment for WX that increases his attack power, removes his health gauge, and dramatically drains his hunger gauge. [Item]


Webber “Pack Hunters.” - Gives Webber greater control over friendly spiders. He will be able to order them to attack or heel, as well as order them to stay at a set location for an ambush. [Buff.]


Wes “A Sleeper Hit.” - If Wes hits an enemy while unarmed, the enemy falls asleep. [Buff]


Maxwell “Shadow Puppet Show.” - An upgrade to Maxwell’s warrior shadow puppets. They drain more sanity, but are now equipped with Wigifrid’s spear and helmet. [Buff]


Webber, The Indigestible.

Webber’s focus is mostly on spiders. He can help others avoid them, hit them harder, and can even reduce the harm of eating monster meat. Webber should also inspire new uses for silk.


Willow “Fire Bad!” - When willow is equipped with a torch or her lighter spiders will flee from her. Does not work on spider queens. [Buff]


Wendy “Eight legs, one life.” - Killing spiders heals Abigail, but spiders killed by Abigail cannot drop spider glands. [Buff]


Wolfgang “Hit them where it hurts.” - If a spider is hit by an unarmed Wolfgang in his strongest form it instantly drops its loot. If the spider drops a gland, it loses half its remaining health. If it drops monster meat it dies instantly. If it drops silk, the spider loses no health from the attack. Hitting spider queens while unarmed always drops silk. [Buff]


Wickerbottom “Adding Arachnids.” - A new book. On use, any spider nests on screen grow one level. [Item]


Woodie “Fear the Beaver.” - When in werebeaver form, Woodie can kill basic spiders in one bite. Spitters in two bites, yellow spiders in three bites, and rock spiders in five bites. Does not affect spider queens. Killing spiders does nothing for Woodie’s beaver meter. [Buff]


Wigifrid “Silk Spear.” - An upgraded version of Wigifrid’s spear that slows enemies on each hit. Multiple hits do not cause further sluggishness. [Item]


WX “Garbage Disposal.” - A torso attachment for WX. This lowers his defense, but allows him to eat monster meat and rot without negative effects. [Item]


Wes “Light on his feet.” - Wes is not slowed by walking on silk. [Buff]


Maxwell “Sacrifice to the Spider Queen.” - By sacrificing a shadow clone, Maxwell can instantly turn any level 3 spider nest into a queen. [Buff]


Wickerbottom, The Librarian.

Now familiar with the other characters, Wickerbottom focus is on offsetting their personal weaknesses.


Willow “Brighter Lighter.” - An upgrade to Willow’s lighter that has a greater light radius, but burns fuel quicker. This lighter isn’t infinite, but can be refueled. [Item]


Wendy “Ouija Board.” - A craftable item that allows Wendy to control Abigail. The player will be able to send Abigail to attack any enemy on screen, return Abigail to their side, send Abigail to a selected location, and switch Abigail from her default defensive mode to passive mode. [Item]


Wolfgang “A More Balanced Diet.” - Lowers the beginning of wimpy form to 50/300 hunger. Raises the start of super form to 250/300. [Buff]


WX “Weather Resistant Hull.” - A torso attachment for WX that provides total resistance to water, but increases his damage taken by other sources. [Item]


Woodie “Beating the Beasts.” - Woodie does increased damage to hounds and humanoid monsters such as pigs, werepigs, and mac tusk. [Buff]


Wigifrid “Basic Blacksmithing.” - The cost of crafting Wigifrid’s spear and battle helm are reduced. [Buff]


Webber “Where the Wild Things Are.” - For a small sanity drain, Webber will be able to detect a spider nest. Note: I’m unsure if the location should be revealed on the map, or if Webber should be able to track the nest the way one tracks a Koalefant.


Wes “Sign Language.” - Alters Wes’ inspection animation. Although he will not talk, it will be easier for the player to understand his meaning. [Buff]


Maxwell “Understanding Multiple Personality Disorder.” - The cost of creating a shadow clone is reduced, allowing for the creation of one extra shadow clone.


Wolfgang, The Strongman.

Wolfgang shows his new friends some of the tricks of the circus.


Willow “Fire Eater.” - Willow can eat torches. The remaining fraction of the torch is added to her hunger gauge. [Buff]


Wendy “Fortune Teller.” - For a large sanity drain, Wendy can locate one of several set pieces and reveal its location on the map of all active players. [Buff]


Wickerbottom “How to Build an Audience.” - A new book. On use, any neutral NPCs on screen become followers. [Item]


Woodie “The Big Top.” - Woodie can construct a tent over a large area. The covered area is unaffected by snow or rain, but no plants can grow under the tent. [Item]


Wigifrid “The Bearded Lady.” - Wigifrid can grow a beard. [Buff]


Webber “Highwire act.” - Webber can extend a string of silk between two tall poles, and all players can walk along the string to get from one point to another. Although movement speed is reduced by 75% while on the highwire, players can cross over water and even enemy NPCs without attracting their attention. [Item]


WX “Human Canon.” - A torso attachment for WX. Gives WX the ability to shoot player characters and friendly NPCs as if they were projectiles. Fired players and NPCs can cross over water, and hit enemies for massive damage. Each shot drains WX’s hunger. [Item]


Wes “Coulrophobia.” - A head slot item for Wes. Alters his appearance into that of a frightening clown. Neutral and Enemy NPCs go into panic when in range of Wes. Player characters examining Wes react negatively. Drains sanity while equipped. [Item]


Maxwell “Hound Tamer.” - Maxwell can tame hounds. [Buff]


Misc. Notes


Any time something is referred to as an attachment for WX, it is an item that only he can use. Attachments aren’t equipped, they’re installed. Installation takes a bit of time, and each time an attachment is removed there is a chance that WX takes damage.


Anything referred to as a buff is a player ability that requires certain items to unlock. It should persist until death.



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10 hours ago, DimWhat said:

Uhh where's Wilson in this?

Lost in a forest somewhere?
I avoided Wilson. I figure if they ever add a story mode or final boss to DST, Wilson would be able to craft or help craft the keys and/or door to Charlie's lair. 

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