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Problem with Air Scrubbers?

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Loving the game, frustration (learning!) about gas aside ;)

Any idea why the Air Scruber (at the top with two pipes) isn't working. Just says "empty pipe" in it's Status. The water pump (left) is working no problem (power and pipe connected). The output (bottom ends in a liquid pipe) is ok too..no idea?

Halp! My poor dupes!



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Restart your game, there is a bug where the liquid pumper wont pump even if all the requirements are met which is power, underwater, not broken. Restarting will fix it.

You'll know when it is working when you go in the liquid pipe tab and blue squares are flowing through the pipes

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Turned out there was one small block of contaminated water right next to the pump, almost hidden by the pump, which stopped it from working. Once that was mopped up it started working. But by then the water was almost gone so the cycle didn't really get going anyway! :)

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