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Praise and few sugesstions

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Greeting to ONI team and all fans of this nice game.


We are finally able to play this beautiful game. I (and i presume more than just me :)) was waiting patiently from day game was announced. Loving every aspect of it, design is great - as we all came to except from Klei and it looks like great base to build beautiful, funny colony simulator.

As this is suggestion thread - i will stop with all praise and start with suggestions that I hope Klei will take under consideration :). I am passionate fan of colony simulators so do not judge me if suggestions look like they are ripped of them - I see no reason to learn from examples of other fantastic games!

I did not go through entire suggestion part of forum - so my apologies if any of these items are already there...


- Inventory system and crafting. Way to build on complexity and simplify some tasks for dupes - larger backpack, hazard suite, jogging shoes, dedicated mining drill. No need for complex inventory system, just one or two items allowed per duplicate

- Job Prioritizing - Add additional steps in job tasks, not just enable/disable dupe to allow performing tasks - Just look for Rimworld for effect

- Elevators/Teleporters - Power hungry transport system to avoid large distance travels. You can even use these systems for funny effects - problems during teleportation (additional quirks/diseases, stuck in transport etc.)

- Item Tinkering - customizing existing equipment to increase performance with funny side effects - think storage container with increased inventory size and small appetite for coal.

- Trading station/Material conversion - so you can convert some less useful items :)


This is only few suggestions -  based on two failed colony attempts.

Any thoughts and suggestions are more than welcome



Service with a smile

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