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Custom Character Ideas help

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I'm looking to make two custom characters one for me and one for my half sister. However I don't know what to set for abilities and the likes my character is Newton the night owl but I'm not sure what the perks should be. My sisters one is Kelsey and we aren't sure what title but she can't harm rabbits and has a pet rabbit that follows her around, it kinda just follows her and doesn't do anything at the moment though.


Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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some perks for Newton could definitely be night vision, maybe newton grows feathers that are able to be shaved off? (mechanics similar to Wilson and Webber's beards) maybe seeds provide more satisfaction to hunger than normal? perhaps birds aren't scared of Newton? 

But two perks almost call for a 'flaw' perk to help keep the mod from becoming OP; perhaps sanity drops faster around a mob or something.

I'm not sure what Kelsey is, (a human, or an animal like Newton) but they seem to like rabbits. maybe rabbits aren't scared of her since she can't harm them, and maybe her sanity rises when around rabbits?

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