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Assign Duplicants to a task via drag and drop and absolute priority

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I tried, and it doesn't work :

Clicking on a duplicant and dropping it on a pending task could make this task the priority of the duplicant, it would be a  9 (or 10 !) in priority for this duplicant (I'll explain why 10 later)

When the task is done, the duplicant can go back to whatever task is still a priority.

Also, and I'm unsure if the duplicants behave already like that (I think they might be ?), once a duplicants has done his priority 10 task, he can go back to whatever task is in priority, but if it is a 9 or less (or less than 10), he can also, on his way there, do something. Instead of crossing half the base to go do something, he can sweep something, store it on the way, then continue his course to the pending task.

Actually, the 10 would be just to be a "absolute" priority, where the duplicant won't stop on his way to do something. But the 9 in priority could be doing just that.

Last, the duplicants could be doing task on the way to the next pending task only if those task are sweeping/taking water (something about moving something from point A to B) or if those task are fast to do, or also high priority.

For example, the duplicants would go from task 1 in point A to task 2 in point B, and do a task 3 between A and B only if task 3 is a priority 5 to 9, otherwise the duplicant would disregard the task and continue on its way.

This would add a level of complexity to the game, and also make more interesting the priority management. Right now I don't know why there is more than 3 level of priorities (high, medium and low are enough to me... I'm only using 1, 5 and 9...

> Maybe make the priorities like this : Absolute, high, medium and low.

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