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Pause issues and possible improvements

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Hi all !

First time on the forum, this is going to be a long post, so I'm not going to spend my time here presenting myself. For your own good !


| - Pressing Pause stop the game. Pressing slow speed, which looks like a Play button, doesn't resume the game. I suggest making all "speed" button resume the game at the related speed.


|| - Once when I was in the controls options, my view moved to a black part of my map. I couldn't find my way back ! I used the button J to see a list of my duplicants and double click on one of them to go back... Is there a button to center back to the camp/spawn point ? If not, maybe add one, or an arrow that move around the screen that show where we should go...

Also :

> maybe correct this bug where we can interact with the map while being in the controls options. I was changing the WASD button to ZQSD (since I use an azerty keyboard)

> why is possible to go that far from something visible anyway ? It's useless since there is nothing to see. Except if this is supposed to help find the end of the asteroids.

> maybe right clicking Pause could bring the view to the spawn point ?


||| - The game seems too easy because of the way the Pause button behave.

 I played very few hours of the game, using more of my time taking notes on bugs and improvements that really playing... But I would have expected to lose at 1, 2, 3 days in the game at the beginning... I'm at day 7 or 8, still haven't lost, still not in danger of losing...

And I believe that's because of what the Pause button allow us to do : We can Pause, choose tons of actions to do, even prioritize them. So our duplicants are always busy. And it's actually hard to really do a mistake like this.

Possible improvements :

> Make the pause button do what it does in Don't starve : Directly show a menu for options. BTW there is no way to access this menu without pressing ESC, as far as I know, so a way to do it would be nice anyway, some people play only with their mouse (I don't, by my GF play DS with only the mouse for example)

> Or make the Pause button stop the game, let the player look around, maybe even look at all stats, but not changing the affectation of each duplicants or program what to do next. That would add difficulty and fun to the game.


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