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Help saveing and loading data

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Whats the best way to save and load data that is being displayed on the hud?

Ive created a widget that shows a list of strings entered by the player on the side of the hud, but when you exit and come back its gone.

I looked into some ways other mods do it and the game uses methods like TheSim:SetPersistentString
or SavePersistentString and for components OnSave/OnLoad. But everything I've searched doesn't explain this well enough for me to implement confidently.

Can anyone lend me some help? Many thanks in advance!

Here what I've got so far.


function nameList:GetSaveName()
	local saveName = "nameList" .. Compatibility:TheWorld().meta.seed
	if Compatibility:TheWorld():HasTag("cave") then
		saveName = saveName .. "C"
	return saveName

function nameList:Load()
	TheSim:GetPersistentString(self:GetSameName(), function(load_success, data)
		if load_success then
			self.persistdata = json.decode(data)
	end, false)

function nameList:Save(callback)
	local data = json.encode(self.persistdata)
	local insz, outsz = SavePersistentString(self:GetSameName(), data, ENCODE_SAVES, callback)



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